Genealone is no longer supported and cannot be downloaded. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Genealone hosting still works for the current users.

New Wordpress plugin based on Genealone and fully compatible with Genealone database and file structure is under development. There are no plans to develop a standalone application, but the plugin will have a tool for easy migration from the standalone Genealone app.

Thank you for your patience.

  • Most of Genealone's features will be retained or enhanced.

  • The plugin will support multiple independent trees.

  • User management, contact form, blog and some other features will be removed as redundant. Wordpress can provide them.

  • Wordpress template or set of templates with a similar look to the current Genealone will be available.

  • Unlike Genealone, the plugin code will not be obfuscated.

  • Hopefully, the plugin will be available through¬†the Wordpress repository.

  • The plugin will run under current PHP and Wordpress versions.