Latest Genealone version: 1.6.2

Genealone 2.0 is coming soon!
If you purchase Genealone 1.6.2 now you will get free upgrade to Genealone 2.0 as soon as it is released.

Do you want to have your own genealogy website? Whether you want to start a simple pedigree page, build a large genealogy website with thousands of persons and complicated family relations, add your family tree to your WordPress blog or you just want to write down your genealogy data in private, Genealone is the right choice for you. Choose the option that suits you:

Get the standalone application (PHP script) for download and installation on your own web hosting, server or even your desktop PC.
A free limited version called Genealone Lite is also available.
  WordPress plugin which runs the entire Genealone application as a part of your WordPress site or blog. It has the same functionality as the standalone Genealone application including GEDCOM file import, maps, charts etc.   We take care of everything and run your genealogy website on our own web server, either in your own domain or on Your site is updated to the latest version of Genealone automatically.
Price: $24   Price: $24   Price from: $18/year

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Why Genealone?


Easy to use
Nobody needs to learn how to use Genealone. Everything is as simple and intuitive as possible


Clear look
Genealone creates an easy web with no-nonsense features. You can be sure that even random visitors will understand everything.


Genealone can run on your server or web hosting, it can be part of your WordPress blog, it can be hosted on our servers or you can install it on your desktop PC. It can even run offline. All variants use the same data format so migration is easy.


GEDCOM file import
If you have a genealogy program which exports GEDCOM files on your home computer, you don’t need to retype everything to put your family tree online (manual data input is also possible).


Your data under your control
Your data stay under your full control with Genealone. You don't depend on a service provider who may disappear or monetize your data.


Your privacy is protected
You don’t need to worry about displaying sensitive information to the whole world. Genealone has several layers of privacy protection and you can decide what information will be visible and also the people who will be able to see it.


Easy customization
You can easily choose from different built-in page layouts and color schemes or, if you are familiar with CSS, you can customize Genealone from scratch according to your preferences.


Collaborative functions
You can grant access rights to several users who can add, change or delete any data or just the data related to their assigned branch.

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