User Guide: Places

User Guide Contents

Genealone: To edit and merge places, log in as the administrator or editor and go to Administration -> User List.
Genealone WP: To edit and merge places, log in as an administrator or editor and click on the Places link from the bottom menu of the page with Genealone content.

Editing place details
Click on the “Edit” link next to a place name to edit town, state/county, country fields, coordinates of the place and map zoom.
To find the coordinates, switch “Try to find the coordinates automatically” to yes and submit the form. Genealone will try to find the place and display the map. If you are happy with the result, you will need to save the form again.

Merging two places
To merge a place with an another one, click on the “Merge” link next to the place name. The merge form with the place pre-selected will be displayed. Fill in the second place name, click on the “Search” button, select the correct one (if several places are found) and then click on the “Select” button.
All known data from both places will be displayed side by side. Select which data should be used in the merged place and then click on the “Merge” button.