User Guide: GEDCOM File Import

User Guide Contents

Genealone: To import a GEDCOM file, log in as the administrator and go to Administration -> GEDCOM -> Import GEDCOM file.
Genealone WP: To import a GEDCOM file, log in as an administrator and go to the Dashboard and then to Genealone -> Import GEDCOM file.

Step 1: Upload or select GEDCOM file
You can upload the file from your computer or you can allow Genealone to download the file from an online location. If you have saved a GEDCOM file before, you can also select it from the list of saved GEDCOM files.
The file has to have extension .ged or .GED. Every web server has an upload file size limit and larger files can only be downloaded from an online location.

Step 2: File check
If the uploaded, downloaded or selected file is recognized as a valid GEDCOM file, then the file name, size and character code is displayed.

Step 3: Read the file
The file is read and parsed. The page is usually reloaded many times and the number of individuals found is displayed after every reload. When the whole file has been read, two or three options are displayed:
– Erase all old data before importing: The whole database will be erased and then the file content will be imported.
– Update data imported from the same file used before. This option only appears if you uploaded a GEDCOM file with the same name before. New individuals will be added, individuals imported from the same file before and missing in this file will be deleted and all the other individuals found in the file will be updated.
– Plain import. Content of the file will simply be added to the database.

Step 4: Import to database
The file content is imported to the database. The page is usually reloaded many times and the total number of individuals imported is displayed after every reload