User Guide: Free Version And License Key

User Guide Contents

You can download and install both Genealone (standalone application) and Gennealone WP (WordPress plugin) for free. However, without a valid license key your installation is limited to 50 individuals and 10 gallery images. If you insert data manually, you cannot put more than 50 individuals in the database or upload more than 10 images (photos). If you import a GEDCOM file, the whole file is imported but only the first 50 individuals from the file is displayed.

To lift the limitation you need to purchase and install a valid license key. Please just make sure you purchase the correct one. Genealone license key cannot be used with Genealone WP and vice versa.

With the license key you can upgrade Genealone and Genealone WP for free for one year. After that, you need to stop upgrading or you need to purchase upgrade license key (for discounted price). If you upgrade and the license key is no longer valid, your installation became limited again. To lift the limitation, you need to purchase an upgrade license key. Going back to the older version may not be possible, because database structure changes with new versions often and older Genealone versions cannot work with newer database structure.