User Guide: Configuration: Genealone

User Guide Contents

To configure Genealone, log in as the administrator and go to Administration -> Configuration. Several submenu items will appear.

Set your website name, description, language, date format etc and site-wide privacy settings.
If you want to have your site password protected, switch “Who can view the website?” to “logged users only”.

Layout and Appearance
Set your website layout, colors, logo etc.

Frontpage Setup
Define the frontpage content and layout.

Main Menu
Define which Genealone modules and text pages appear in the main menu bar.

Custom Events Types
Define your custom event types.

You only set if the maps may be displayed on your website here. If you want to display maps, you still need to set the coordinates of the places.

You only set if and how new users can register here. You can create, change and delete users in a separate menu item (User List) outside Configuration.

Webmaster Settings
Set custom CSS, head content, content on the top and/or bottom of body etc.