I love this program! And, so do my family members.
Yvonne Hervol, Pennsylvania
Thank you for all of your help. Yours is a great site and I will recommend it to all my associates.
Dr. Gary Burkart, Kansas
Just wanted to say how great your genealogy software is. I have tried a number of others and nothing compares to yours. It is so clean, so comprehensive, and easy for both the admin and the user. It was very easy to set up and using it now is just so great. I don’t often offer feedback and yet I am offering feedback when it has not even been asked for. It really is that good. I could not be happier about my purchase.
Maureen Hines
Genealone WP is a genealogy plugin for WordPress. It has total integration with WordPress! I have been waiting for this plugin for quite some time. Easy to install and maintain. I can setup custom pages, mapping, anniversary calendar and much more. Great customer support. I highly recommend this plugin.
Les Campbell
Thanks for all your work on Genealone! You’ve done an amazing job for such a complicated interface.
Jonathan Zitelman, Texas
I want to thank you for the quick and informative response. Your response was a deciding factor for me, and I went ahead and purchased a registration key for your program So far I’m discovering it to be very easy and even nicer than I was expecting. Your installation directions were simple and clear, and designing the site has been a breeze. I am loving how many options there are for personalizing it visually. Thanks!
Janice Wald
When cousins and clients began asking me for a simple website they could visit to view their family tree, I was initially at a loss, until I discovered Genealone. David Nebesky has made the process of setting up an account and establishing several family history websites all quite easy and affordable. The presentation is attractive, informative and easy to navigate. My cousins and clients are all quite pleased and so am I.
Michael Nolan, genealogist, San Francisco
Excellent software, powerful yet easy to use and customize! Genealone also comes with top notch customer support and after purchase service. I couldn’t ask for more!
Sylvain Bourdon, Canada