Oct 4, 2015: Genealone 2.0 Released

New features:
– Responsive design. Both Genealone and Genealone WP look nice on every devices, laptop, tablets or mobile phones, now.
– PDF export. So far, export to PDF is simple, it will be improved fast, though.
– Nice and search engines friendly internal links.
– Better settings of Genealone modules including disable option. You can make Genealone more simple now, if you need. Further module options will be implemented shortly.
– WYSIWYG editor of front page text content
– Option for avoiding 4 column layout. It is especially useful with some WordPress themes.
– License keys (please see bellow).
– Many other small improvements.

Genealone Lite has been cancelled. Both Genealone and Genealone WP can be downloaded for free now and the free versions only display 50 individuals and 10 gallery images. To lift the limitation, a license key has to be purchased and installed. No reinstallation of Genealone is needed.