Feb 3, 2015: Genealone 1.5.0 Released

New features:
– You can display all events (with a date) which happened in a selected place
– You can display all events (with a date) related to a last name
– External links can be added to persons
– You can mark a last name as a variant (e.g. because of different spelling) of an another last name. Variants appear on search results and on the last name page, then.
– External links page
– External links front page module
– Simple blogging tool (not in Genealone WP)
– Online traffic is recorded and displayed (not in Genealone WP)
– Message center – copies of all messages for the Administrator are now saved on the server and can be displayed and answered (not in Genealone WP)
– Suggest a new information/correction form (not in Genealone WP)