Services For Professional Genealogists

Are you a professional genealogists? Genealone can help you to offer more valuable services to your clients and to improve your online presentation. Here are a few ideas to consider:

1) Simple genealogy web hosting
Create a nice website from a GEDCOM file with your research results for your client in a minute. The website can be open to the public or it can be password-protected. The service can be renewed by you or your client. To make things easier, we will provide you with a significant discount for an initial multi-year contract.

2) Hosting multiple genealogy sites on your domain
We can host multiple Genealone sites for your multiple clients on your own domain. We can even help you to create your business presentations there. And if you have a domain with your business website already, we can host your client’s websites on the third-level domain (something like instead of We only charge you $12 per year for additional licenses.

3) Presenting your research results
You can present your research result to your client with Genealone. Just import the GEDCOM file to Genealone, create a visitor’s user name and password for your client and disable public access. Your client will be able to browse his/her family tree comfortably online and the data will remain safe. You can change the password, erase the data and re-use your Genealone installation for another client later.

4) Displaying a sample family tree
You can improve your business website with a sample family tree displayed by Genealone. If you have web hosting, Genealone can be installed there easily. Or you can link the sample tree hosted on from your website.

4) Making the whole business presentation (with a sample family tree)
You can make your whole business presentation with Genealone. Genealone is extremely flexible and it contains essential tools like a simple web page editor or contact form.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you.