Main Features

Simple and clean: Frontpage, individual pages, search results, statistics and calendar pages have all clean look and are well-arranged and easy to read.

Search: Search the persons in your pedigree and filter the results by birthplace or last name.

Chart: Display ancestors and descendants of any given person in one unique view.

Gallery: You can upload photos and link them with any person(s). You can also browse all photos together and display random photographs on the frontpage.

Anniversary calendar: You can display following anniversaries or events that happened on a given date. Simple anniversary calendar may be displayed directly on the frontpage.

Relationship calculator: You can find out relationships between two persons easily.

Easy online editing and GEDCOM import: You can easily add, edit or delete any data from user-friendly web interface or you can import GEDCOM file exported from your desktop genealogy software.

Multi-language support: At the moment Genealone is translated to English, French (thanks to Sylvain Bourdon) and Czech. You can easily translate it to an another language yourself or you can customize all texts used in the program.

Customization: Genealone goes with the several layouts and color schemes. If you understand CSS you can create your own styles and customize Genealone fully to your liking. Frontpage content is also easily customizable.

Easy to use: You don’t need to be a geek to understand Genealone. Everything is as simple as possible for both administrators and visitors.

Collaboration: There may be several “editors” which can add, change or delete any data (“administrator” who grants rights to the editors is just one).

Privacy functions: You can allow to display selected persons only to registered users or to users with the right to edit data or you can hide the whole website and display it to registered users only.

Simple installation: The installation process is as simple as possible. For more information click here.

Fast development and free minor upgrades: We promise Genealone will be developed fast. Four or more minor upgrades with new features will be released every year and these upgrades will be free. Major upgrades with the discounted price for current users will be released every 18-24 months. Bugs are fixed as soon as possible.

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