Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to have a web server to run a Genelone website?
No. If you purchase Genealone Basic or Genealone Pro we care of everything and your website runs on our own server.

Q: Can I install Genealone on my desktop computer?
A: Genealone is a web application. You can install Genealone Expert on your desktop computer only if you run web server and MySQL on the same computer, too. Please see system requirements for more details.

Q: Can Genealone handle European languages characters?
A: Yes, Genealone saves and displays all data in UTF-8 charachter set so no Europan language is a problem.

Q: I want my website will look like Demo 1. Can I change it later?
A: Genealone goes with several page layouts and color schemes. You can change look of your website anytime literally in seconds. Just log in as an administrator and click on Fast Setup link.

 Q: Can I use a domain I’ve already purchased somewhere else?
A: Yes, you can use your current domain with Genealone Pro.  You will need to update nameservers of your domain yourself to and Your domain registrar will help you.

Q: I have a web hosting with an old WordPress blog and I don’t want to update it to the current version. Can I install Genealone WP there?
A: Please check your WordPress version. Genealone WP requires WordPress version 3.1 or newer.

Q: If I created a site, can I install Genealone WP on that site?
A: No, you cannot. only allows limited selection of free plugins.

Q: Can I use Genealone as my data organizer without displaying its content to the whole world?
A: Yes, you can. Genealone has several layers of privacy protection and if you like, your whole website can be accessible only to you.

Q: Can I password protect the entire site so that only family members can access the information?
A: Yes. You can create user accounts for all family members (or just one account for all of them together) and set the access to the whole website to “Logged users only” inside the administration interface.