Data Entry Services

Do you have your genealogical data written on paper or in computer files? We can help you insert your data into the Genealone database.

Custom Data Import
If your data is saved in (Excel) spreadsheets, CSV files or a SQL database we can import it to the Genealone Database for you. The price of the custom import depends on the data quality.

If your data is simple, well structured and links between parents and children and between spouses are based on unique id, we can import it for just $100. Otherwise we charge $200-400 per custom import. This price include data import and a basic attempt to identify duplicates and relations between parents and children and between spouses. If the individuals and relationships between them are not clearly identified in your data, there will be duplicates and missing links between individuals in the result of the import. Further data analysis and improving of import results is possible for an agreed price.

Manual Entry
If you data is saved in computer files, we can do manual entry for $1 per individual. If you data is really well organized (including relations between parents and children and between spouses) price is only $0.75 per individual. Price of manual data entry from scanned documents depends on document types (printed, handwritten), language and image quality.

Bulk Image/Document Import
We can also import your photos, images and other documents to your Genealone site. The price does not depend on imported documents, usually. Plain bulk import costs $100. Linking images or documents to individuals in the database according to provided data costs from $100 (price is based on the data quality).

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you.