Customization On Request

We can make custom changes of your copy of Genealone for you. Small jobs (up to 30 minutes of work) are for free, otherwise we charge $40 per hour. The price is agreed in advance.

Design of your Genealone site can be customized without changing the code. We can change colours, fonts, page layout, we can add images to the background, change some text links and buttons to graphic ones and much more.

Text pages
It is possible to create text (static) pages in Genealone using the simple built-in editor. We can create more sophisticated text pages including the front page for you if you’d like.

Generally, we do not customize Genealone code. If you need a new feature, let us know and we will implement it for free in some future version probably. We cannot promise any time frame, though.
If you are in hurry, we can implement your feature for an agreed fee in the very next version. And if we don’t approve your feature for general use (usually for security reasons), we can still create some kind of custom add-on for you, usually.

Genealone hosting customization
If your Genealone site is hosted by we can customize the hosting including moving Genealone to a directory, adding a new license, installing some open source script etc.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you.