Jun 9, 2014: Genealone 1.2 Released

Person edit form improved
New features:
– Mapping
– Custom HTML pages linkable to persons
– Merging persons
– Merging and editing places
– Main menu configuration tool
– New Places section

May 13, 2014: Genealone Hosting Available

Two hosting options of Genealone software are available since today:
Genealone BASIC runs in domain
Genealone PRO runs in dedicated domain (which can be purchased from us, too) and goes with more disk space

May 1, 2014: Genealone 1.1.3 Released

Several bugs have been fixed.
No new features in this version.

Apr 10, 2014: Genealone 1.1.2 Released

Several bugs fixed
Several design improvements
New features:
– German translation
– New color scheme
– New Timeline option

Mar 22, 2014: Genealone 1.1.1 Released

Several minor bugs fixed
Several design improvements
French translation improved (thanks to Sylvain Bourdon)
New features:
– Background image option
– New gallery options
– Custom CSS option

Mar 6, 2014: Genealone 1.1 Released

New features:
– Relationship calculator
– Global timeline
– Graphical logo
– Any document can be uploaded and linked with persons
– Contact form
– Several webmaster tools including Google Analytics

Jan 31, 2014: Genealone 1.0.1 Released

Several minor bugs fixed.

Jan 21, 2014: Genealone 1.0 Released

The first version of Genealone has been released.