Dec 22, 2014: New Hosting Plans

Current Genealone hosting plans have been upgraded with more disk space. Genealone Basic now goes with 500 MB and Genealone Pro now goes with 1 GB of disk space.
Two more hosting plans have been introduced:
1) Genealone Pro+ is similar to Genealone Pro and goes with 4GB of disk space.
2) Genealone Pro WP is hosting of a WordPress site with Genealone WP plugin installed.
For more information please visit

Nov 26, 2014: Genealone 1.4.2 Released

Several bugs have been fixed.
CSS has been improved. Different page types can be formatted differently, now.
New feature:
Photograph in the gallery can be replaced with a new file.

Nov 8, 2014: Genealone 1.4.1 Released

Several bugs have been fixed.
Two new color schemes (earth colors and turquoise) have been added.
A new layout with proportional width and user bar on the top has been added.
New features:
– Visibility of persons from the whole branch can be changed in bulk.
– New parameter for WordPress plugin shortcode: [genealone-wp branch_id=1] will display branch 1 only. You can have more Genealone pages in your WordPress with different content, now.
– Site description in the page headers can be replaced with any HTML code of any length.

Oct 21, 2014: Genealone 1.4.0 Released

New features:
– Administrator can define branches
– New branch page and branch option on the search page
– Visitors can request user accounts and verify their email addresses
– New profile page for registered users
– Registered users can identify themselves in the pedigree
– Administrator can limit editor’s right to one branch only
– GEDCOM file export (just an alpha version)
– GEDCOM files management
(Please note that user-related features do not apply for Genealone WP)
– Administration menu items are not displayed to visitors and users with insufficient rights
– Optional language parameter in Genealone WP shortcode (e.g. [genealone-wp lang=’en_US’]
– Several minor design improvements

Sep 22, 2014: Genealone 1.3.3 Released

Important bug in person editing has been fixed.
Several minor improvements.

Sep 17, 2014: Genealone 1.3.2 Released

Several bugs have been fixed and the code has been optimized.
WordPress plugin configuration has been improved.
New feature:
Command line GEDCOM importer in genealone/tools directory. The script is useful for importing really large GEDCOM files. You need to be able to run PHP script from command line to use it.

Sep 8, 2014: Genealone for WordPress Released

Genealone as a plugin for WordPress has been released. Plugin has the same functions as standalone Genealone program including GEDCOM file import. For more information please visit plugin’s page.

Sep 3, 2014: Genealone 1.3.1 Released

Several bugs have been fixed and the code has been optimized.
Design has been slightly improved.
Links for creating missing father and/or mother are displayed to editors and administrators on person’s pages.
Persons, places and sources merging have been improved.

Aug 5, 2014: Genealone 1.3 Released

New features:
– Sources and citations including list of sources for repetitive use
– New page with event details including citations from sources
– Editing and merging sources in Administration interface
– New built-it event types: residence, occupation, confirmation, immigration, emigration, naturalization
– Unmarried partners have been added, same sex partners are allowed
– New religion field in person edit form
– All new built-in events and baptism are now imported from GEDCOM files correctly
– Import of places has been improved
– All edit forms have been improved
– Date format “between date1 and date2” has been implemented
– Custom order of text pages
– several minor design improvements

Jun 24, 2014: Genealone 1.2.1 Released

Several bugs have been fixed.
GEDCOM import has been improved and most of the system related limitations have been lifted:
– Genealone can download GEDCOM file from the web, now,
– Genealone can import huge GEDCOM files with tens of thousands persons, now.
– Data import has been improved.
Few design improvements.
Swedish translation (thanks to J├Ârgen Frenker)