Feb 15, 2016: Genealone 2.1.1 Released

Incompatibility of Genealone WP plugin with the latest WordPress and a few bugs have been fixed. New German translation has been added in (thanks to Jan Gmuender).
There are no new features in Genealone 2.1.1.

Dec 21, 2015: Genealone 2.1.0 Released

Several bugs have been fixed and GEDCOM file import and the WordPress plugin compatibility have been improved.
New features:
– Two new chart types
– Chart boxes may display portraits
– Pedigree chart module for the front page
– More slots for front page mini-modules including full-width ones
– Front page modules are configurable
– Two new tools in Administration -> Persons. You can display individuals with some data missing or set living tag in bulk.
– Number of custom menu items increased to 10

Oct 13, 2015: Genealone 2.0.1 Released

Several bugs have been fixed, especially bugs related to last names and sidebar layout design bug.
There is no new feature in this version. However, there are several minor improvements, there:
– Current menu item in the main menu has its own CSS class and it is displayed in bold (Genealone WP do not display it in bold).
– The administrator can export all individuals as PDF. The link is in Administration -> Configuration -> PDF
– Administration menu has link to the front page
– Option to switch TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor to CKEditor.

Oct 4, 2015: Genealone 2.0 Released

New features:
– Responsive design. Both Genealone and Genealone WP look nice on every devices, laptop, tablets or mobile phones, now.
– PDF export. So far, export to PDF is simple, it will be improved fast, though.
– Nice and search engines friendly internal links.
– Better settings of Genealone modules including disable option. You can make Genealone more simple now, if you need. Further module options will be implemented shortly.
– WYSIWYG editor of front page text content
– Option for avoiding 4 column layout. It is especially useful with some WordPress themes.
– License keys (please see bellow).
– Many other small improvements.

Genealone Lite has been cancelled. Both Genealone and Genealone WP can be downloaded for free now and the free versions only display 50 individuals and 10 gallery images. To lift the limitation, a license key has to be purchased and installed. No reinstallation of Genealone is needed.

Aug 13, 2015: Genealone 1.6.2 Released

Several bugs have been fixed.
New features:
– Dutch translation (thanks to Jeroen den Haan)
– Option to switch chart sides
– Option to display micro thumbnails next to individuals’ name
– Html editor enhanced with an image manager with upload function (not in Genealone WP)

Jul 27, 2015: Genealone 1.6.1 Released

Several bugs have been fixed.
New features:
– Comments to blog posts (not in Gennealone WP)
– Localized month abbreviations
– Jewish calendar support
– Compressed (.zip) GEDCOM files support
– GEDCOM file import has been improved
– Genealone WP supports responsive WordPress templates

May 27, 2015: Genealone 1.6.0 Released

New features:
– Internal multi-level cache. Genealone is much faster than before.
– Better indexing of dates. Calendar module is no longer slower than other modules.
– Passwords are saved encrypted (optional, not in Genealone WP).
– Design customization improved with Google fonts (not in Genealone WP).
– Optional HTML front page.
– Login form module for the front page (not in Genealone WP).
– Custom links in main menu.
– Custom “Access Denied” front page for password-protected sites (not in Genealone WP).
– Genealone WP displays maps like the standalone Genealone application.
– Genealone WP modify WordPress page title according to the page content like the standalone Genealone application.
– Genealone WP WordPress dashboard menu improved with tabs.
– Saving photos and documents to database has been removed.
– Windows BMP images support.

Mar 26, 2015: Genealone 1.5.2 Released

Several bugs in GEDCOM file import have been fixed. Genealone WP now imports name prefixes correctly and some sources and citations which were not imported before are imported now.
New features:
– CAPTCHA on contact form and suggestion form pages. CAPTCHA should prevent spamming by robots which have appeared recently.
– Delete link in the message central. Saved message can be deleted when its content is displayed.

Mar 2, 2015: Genealone 1.5.1 Released

Several bugs have been fixed.
Names with prefixes are now displayed correctly on the Last names page. You need to visit Administration -> Last name to fix prefixes (will be dome automatically when visiting the page). If it don’t work, please edit and save persons with prefixes or re-import your GEDCOM file.
New features:
– Popup information windows on charts pages
– Malformed dates in Tribal Pages GEDCOM files imported correctly

Feb 3, 2015: Genealone 1.5.0 Released

New features:
– You can display all events (with a date) which happened in a selected place
– You can display all events (with a date) related to a last name
– External links can be added to persons
– You can mark a last name as a variant (e.g. because of different spelling) of an another last name. Variants appear on search results and on the last name page, then.
– External links page
– External links front page module
– Simple blogging tool (not in Genealone WP)
– Online traffic is recorded and displayed (not in Genealone WP)
– Message center – copies of all messages for the Administrator are now saved on the server and can be displayed and answered (not in Genealone WP)
– Suggest a new information/correction form (not in Genealone WP)